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Set your wake up time and plan your day in advance

The application will automatically schedule 5-6 meals during the day and you can always change the schedule. Between meals the application will remind to drink water.

Simple User Interface

Create your schedule in just 2 clicks.

Food intervals

MealTimer automatically counts time between meals and indicates if the time is less than 2 hours or more than 4 hours.

Easy to Adjust

You can set up your everyday wake-up time, your daily norm of water, amount of water per one perception and many other things.

Food and Water Reminder

You will not forget to eat and to drink water between meals – MealTimer will remind you to do that.

Simple Usage

Only 2 main buttons - “Food” and “Water”. Click them to see your meal regime.

MealTimer Interface

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Benefits of this App

Proud of Yourself

The app will give you an information about the length of your “proper” period to make you proud of your achievement.

Healthy Habit

Use MealTimer for 21 days to get a healthy habit for the rest of your life. The app will give you a symbolic reward after 21 proper days.

List of Meals

Very convenient list of daily meals – you can easily see, which one is overdue or missed or scheduled.

Health and Beauty

If you adhere to proper nutrition, you feel healthy, comfort and self-confident. You loose your weight and look good and fitted.

Convenient Schedule

All the day is planned according to proper nutrition principles immediately after your wake-up and you can change the schedule very easy.

Water Reminder

Don't forget to drink water between the meals. It is very important for weight loss and healthy-looking.

Try MealTimer App today!

Download the app and start your proper nutrition program today!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find most common questions about the app here.

What is MealTimer main function?

There are lots of researches and theories that may be useful or confusing for those who are searching for the best way to loose weight. We are not going to argue with any of them. The only objective of this application is to remind you to have meals every 2-4 hours (about 5-6 times a day). If this objective is similar to your purposes, just use this app!

Which version of Android does MealTimer support?

Android 4.4 (API 19) and later versions.

What languages are available?

English, Russian and German.

I have technical problem, who do I email?

You can email to the app developer Iarigo Petr - he will try his best to solve the problem and update the app.

Is MealTimer free?

Yes. It is absolutely free.

Privacy Policy

All data provided to MealTimer is only stored locally in your device. MealTimer DOES NOT upload your data anywhere. The developers of MealTimer DO NOT have access to any of your data. Your data is NOT SHARED with any 3rd parties. MealTimer DOES NOT include any advertisement libraries or any 3rd party tracking (analytics) code, such as Google Analytics. Note: If you have activated "backup & reset" in your phone settings (Settings / Backup & Reset / Back up my data), you should be aware that Android itself will periodically save a copy of your phone's data in Google's servers. This backup contains private information, including your WiFi passwords, messages and call history. It may also include data from MealTimer and from other apps you use. The developers of MealTimer DO NOT have access to this data.